We use a number of cookies on our site. Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser that help to improve your experience of our website, for example by storing your preferences.

When you first visit our website, you will be asked whether you agree to allow cookies (with a link to this policy page for more information). Thereafter, we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy for cookies, which means that we assume you are happy with how our site uses cookies. If you are not happy with our use of cookies, then you should delete the cookies after visiting this site, engage your browser’s anonymous/private setting or not use the site.

How we use cookies

Just like most websites, we use cookies for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. For our log in and account management mechanism. Cookies allow the site to remember that you have signed in, which gives you access to additional content (such as commenting on articles and the ability to post questions and answers)
  2. For Google Analytics. Like the vast majority of websites we monitor the amount of traffic to our site and visitor behaviour. This is not tied to personally identifiable information, but does allow us to understand what kind of content appeals to the majority of our users.
  3. For advertising. As a publishing company, we use advertising to generate essential revenue. Our ad server, a Google product, may use cookies for activities such as ensuring you are only served a particular ad a limited number of times, serving ads based on visits to this or other websites, or targeting ads to your location. You can opt out of personalised advertising by visiting Google Ads Settings. Third parties may create cookies in their ads using ad technology providers such as Adform, so they can find out how many people have seen an ad – this information is anonymous.
  4. For social media. Many of our pages contain clickable buttons that allow you to share elements you’re interested in with your connections through social media resources, such as Facebook. In order to implement these buttons, we run scripts from social media domains outside of our website. These websites are likely to be collecting information about what you are doing on the internet, including on this website.
  5. For the cost calculator. A cookie stored on your computer keeps the results of the calculator until you have closed your browser tab, and allows you to ‘Save Results’.

Controlling cookies

Most cookies on the internet are harmless, but if you do not wish to receive them you can modify your browser settings to restrict or block new cookies or delete existing cookies. You can find out more through the ‘Help’ menu within your browser or by visiting the informative website www.aboutcookies.org. However, please be aware that you may lose some functions of our website if you disable cookies.


Updated May 2018

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