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Efficient inset stoves from Eurostove offer a stylish and cost-effective way to heat the home

With energy prices continuing to rise and many homeowners feeling the pinch, this year it makes sense to swap an old, fuel-guzzling fire for an efficient, cost-effective inset stove.

Saving money is more important than ever right now, as is heating the home in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. Eurostove’s sleek and seamless collection of inset stoves is cost-effective, highly efficient and designed to complement contemporary and classic interiors.

Each of these three options below fit into a standard British fireplace. Simply remove the fireback and the stove can be installed quickly and easily with minimal effort and minimal fuss.

While they may be minimal in terms of fitting, they all offer maximum benefit in heating and cost control. An open fire may sound appealing, but they actually lose 80% of their heat up the chimney. That’s a huge waste and means literally throwing money away. Our inset stoves however are 80% efficient – perfect for the current fuel poverty crisis.

As well as being efficient and cost-effective, these inset stoves also comply with the new Ecodesign legislation and are DEFRA approved.

The Government’s Clean Air Strategy, which came into effect on 1 January 2022, promotes the use of clean-burning solid fuels, appliances and operation techniques to reduce the impact of solid fuel appliance use on the UK’s air quality.

These Ecodesign stoves meet all the new requirements. They also pass the required standards for woodburning in smoke-controlled areas, so they can be installed in any home in any location. All three are also A+ rated for energy efficiency.

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