Looking for an indicative cost for your self build project?

  • Is it realistic?
  • Will there be money left over for your dream kitchen?
  • Amazing plans but no idea of cost?

If you are looking for a broad outline of your overall build costs before you decide which route to take, why not send us your plans and request a Benchmark Report?

Our team can provide a ‘light touch’ two-page benchmark estimate so you have a broad outline of your overall build costs. It’s a cost-effective way to price up your project and see where you stand.

This is no rough metre squared rule of thumb. The Build It Estimating Service team uses the same expertise and latest award-winning HBXL software as they do with their detailed estimate reports.

What does the Benchmark Report include?

Your Benchmark Report will only be missing the detailed breakdown, cashflow report and project schedule. You’ll still have a price against every phase, from the site set-up to the external decoration and everything in between. Drains, scaffolding, joinery, plumbing, roof tiling… it’s all included in the calculations.

The table below details the key differences between a Detailed Estimate Report and a Benchmark Report.

Full ReportBenchmark Report
Number of pages in reportaround 802
Live materials prices
HBXL powered
Database driven
Reviewed by a building specialist
Detailed cost breakdown
Priced to the last roof tile level of detail
Cash flow forecast
Project schedule
Customisable with actual quotes (e.g. for kitchen)
PriceFrom £249£149

Once you’re ready for the next stage, we’d recommend the full estimate. There are too many variables to stop at a preliminary estimate – such as the level of specification, complexity of job, build methods, ground conditions, access, material and labour prices and how effectively the project is managed.

Prices start at just £149 + VAT.

For more information contact us on 0117 916 7886 or email [email protected]

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